Tuck pod is a convenient locker storage facility available to the public for short lease time periods.

24 hours is the maximum time one can rent a locker for. After which you will have to either renew your duration or retrieve your items.

No, a single user can only rent one locker at a time regardless of location.

You can see our security features on our website. Furthermore, any cases of theft or vandalism will be handled by the authorities and we will do everything in our power to cooperate.

At the time of storing you will have the option to select how to retrieve your items, either through an OTP or using a passkey that you can create for yourself

The items stored in the locker will be moved into our custody for a period of 30 days. You will be able to come and take your items, you will be charged a small convenience fee. We take no responsibility for items that lapse beyond your maximum duration. However, we understand due to certain circumstances it may happen and therefore we keep the lapsed items for 30 days.

Post our 30-day custody period, as per our user agreement TuckPod reserves the right to dispose of any lapsed items.

No, we do not. However, pursuant to any investigation process, court order or government order. TuckPod shall comply with the same and shall not be liable to the user for such disclosure or grant of access

We have a one time deposit of 200/- to be paid in advance which will be credited to your account. This credit can be used for later transactions. This feature will be added for the subscription model of storage once our mobile app is live.